How to Connect local database of JDE using C# or VB

4.0 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ---------------------------------------------------- When you install J.D. Edwards OneWorld version B732 or later, the J.D.Edwards Open Data Access ODBC driver is automatically installed. Make sure in ODBC Manager the "JDEdwards OneWorld ODA" driver version is 4.1 ODBC Data Source Name (DSN) for ODA This version of ODA creates System User DSN "OneWorld ODA" by default. 4.2 ODBC DSN for Oracle Use "Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle" to create new System DSN. The DSN must be named "OneWorld ODA Ora". Refer to general ODBC help and help for your specific driver to get instructions on how to create a DNS. 9.1 The new connect keyword in ODA driver. An application should connect to ODA DSN using UID, PWD and ENVIRONMENT keywords in order to eliminate OW login dialog (unattended login). The UID and PWD are standard ODBC keywords. The ENVIRONMENT keyword is specific to ODA. Connect String Example: "DSN=OneWorld ODA;UID=user1;PWD=pass1;ENVIRONMENT=JDESERVER;"

Question 1: How to delete a Path Code? To delete a pathcode, perform the following: Delete the record from table F00942. Delete the Central Object tables. Manually delete the check-in location on the Deployment and path code directory on Enterprise server.